Sunday, February 20, 2011


Grady and Josh are really into building "giant lego towers" these days (well actually, JOSH is really into building giant lego towers. Grady assists a LITTLE bit and succeeds in knocking down the finished product with glee! ha ha!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting Organized!

Before Christmas, our house was such a wreck... Grady's toys owned every room of the house...and it was totally our fault... we just let it be that way. It looked like a toy store threw up in the living room for sure! It drove me nuts, but I was too tired to come up with a solution. Josh decided that it was BEYOND driving him nuts! We figured that Grady better start learning to pick up his stuff or we'd be doing it forever! Mom asked if we wanted something for Grady's room to organize his toys... SO....

My parents got Grady the CUTEST jungle animal cube shelf for Christmas! It has been a LIFE saver in getting all of his "stuff" organized and neat in HIS room and not all over the house! Thank you, DeeDee and Pete!

I am so impressed that the little man has caught on to it so quickly! I should have gotten into the organization thing earlier in his career! I think he's going to take after both of his perfectionist-parents. He already knows how to sort the toys into puppets, balls, blocks, cars, books, etc! He gets most of it out every afternoon when we get home, but at night when it's bathtime/bedtime, he helps us put it all up in the right places! (Makes the former-kindergarten-teacher-mama SO proud!!!)
We're working on putting his "bags" (that's what he calls his diaper bag and lunch box he takes to day care) in a certain place when he gets home. When we get home, we take off shoes and he goes to his room and puts them in the "shoe basket." Getting ready for a bath, he helps put his clothes in the laundry basket. What a little organizer! Makes me smile!
On another note...this is a late posting, but here are the big man's latest stats from his 18-month checkup (which we actually went to at 19 months). Grady is actually 20 months old TODAY! He is still a VERY big boy!
weight: 30 lbs. 6 oz. (90th percentile)
height: 35" (95th percentile)
head: 20 " (95th percentile)