Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book Club

Me and my hair-brain ideas! I got this idea this summer to do a monthly "book club" with my students. We study a different genre of literature each month and I decided that to get them into the genre and get excited about reading, I would have a book club for them. They can choose to participate or not...I pick out a really neat children's book from that genre and then they can check it out, take it home, read it, complete a book review, and then at the end of the month, all those who participated will be invited to skip lunch in the cafeteria and have a book club lunch in the classroom with me... Who knew the kids would go so CRAZY over this! They were soooo excited about this, much to my surprise (even the little boys!!!!). So anyway, I took my book for this month, Sweet Dream Pie, to none other than my highly creative sister and told her that I needed a super neat creation of treats to go with my first book club! She made the absolute CUTEST little pie cupcakes EVER and I had to share a picture. The kids didn't know they were getting a treat, so they went nuts over these. They were rainbow-batter cupackes on the inside, so all different colors...and topped with all of my favorite candies, then iced to look like little pies... Aren't they so cute!??

Can't wait until next month's book club! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Go Dawgs!

The LA Tech game was Grady's first game of the season. Hmmmm...maybe he should be at ALL the games, considering we pulled this one out! :) He actually made it through the entire ballgame! I couldn't believe he lasted that long. He paid attention most of the time, rang his cowbell, rang Pete's cowbell, and switched laps...from Susan to DeeDee to Pete, mostly. Wasn't that interested in sitting with Mom and Dad when all of those other people are around to spoil him.

Grady was awake (barely) when the game went into overtime... I have no idea HOW, but he fell asleep during all the screaming and cowbell ringing at the final touchdown when we won. Missed the fireworks and everything (which is his favorite part).

Go Dawgs!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Little Salesman

Grady spent a couple of days in Yazoo City last week so Josh and I could go to the MSU/LSU game on Thursday night. While he was there, he went with my dad to his office one day. Dad walked out a minute and came back to find that Grady had sold three insurance policies. Here he is, speaking with his clients...

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Check out Grady-man's new shirt! :)