Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little Bulldog

WELL, Mr. Grady has had his first trip to Starkville! We went for Super Bulldog Weekend this past Saturday and had a blast! It was the perfect day, weather-wise, to make his first visit.

Think Josh is a little hopeful??? HA! When we passed the "prospect gate," we had to get a picture... would have been better if we'd have taken Grady-man out of the stroller I guess, but we were trying to get into the stadium.

taking it all in at Scott Field...
(We went to the sidelines to get his picture with Bully...and of course as soon as we walked up, Bully left the sidelines and went back onto the field. Oh well... Grady probably would have cried anyway because he was SO tired at this point!)

Marooooooon....... Whiiiiiiite! Grady is getting so good at ringing a cowbell! He's a natural!

Of course the highlight of MY day was getting to take my child to Dudy Noble for the first time! It made my day! Grady was such a little trooper at the baseball game. We didn't get there until the 2nd inning. He lasted until the bottom of the 7th, which I think was pretty good for his first game! We won the game... so of course, it must have been Grady-man's good luck!

My favorite picture of the day. I'm not sure who had more fun...Grady or my dad! I don't know of a bigger bulldog fan and being there for his grandson's first trip to Starkville definitely made my dad's day! He was all smiles!

So, it was a success! Grady has been introduced to the place where he will spend 4-6 years of his life. ha! Brainwashed a bit??? Nahhhhh!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

10 Months

SO hard to believe... Where does the time go?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy 36th Anniversary... my mom and Dad! What a great pair they are! I hope y'all have had a great one and will have many, many more to enjoy! We love y'all!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dear John Hinton...

Dear John Hinton,
I read your post about getting a new tooth in. Man, let me tell you...I FEEL your pain! I've been cutting my front two teeth on the top and it's not a fun experience. Our friend Gage shared something new with me the other night at dinner...It's even better than a "puff". Mom says they're called pinwheels... You should try them. Even if you have to gum it, it's so much better than all that mushed up junk our moms give us everyday! Let me know what you think. Happy teething!
Your Buddy,

Happy Birthday Susan!

Happy Birthday to Aunt Sue, my biggest fan! I enjoyed eating dinner with you last night!

Easter Sunday

"I'm not sure who this Easter Bunny Guy is, but I sure like the goods!"
"Easter Eggs! My FAVORITE! They fit in my mouth perfectly!"

"Ok, Dad...nice book, but could you hurry up so I can look at the rest of my prizes?"

"Mom must have told the Easter Bunny that I am going to the beach soon!"

Hunting for more eggs at Aunt Vonnie's house

Grana had to help me alot! I get distracted easily...

Our attempt at a family picture...and it only took 43 tries to get one with all three family members looking at the camera...(somewhat looking at the camera, I guess! ha!)

Grady and his great-grandmother, chilling out inside
Happy Easter!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Good Friday

What a great Easter weekend! Finally, a holiday weekend in which NONE of the Hammer family members were sick! Whoo Hoo! We had a fun day on Friday. We took Grady to the reservoir and hung out outside, enjoying this great spring weather! He and Josh have matching shades, now...thanks to Grana! He actually wore them for a while without trying to take them off!
Friday night, we dyed Easter eggs! Grady was a trooper...he was so tired, but was such a good sport!
"But I don't LIKE Humpty Dumpty!

...and our finished products!
.....More Easter pics to follow soon! :)