Thursday, March 25, 2010

So that's what teeth are for!

Learning to use that mouthful of teeth...we're up to 6 teeth, now! He still doesn't have the front top two teeth, so as he's trying to learn to chew, he tends to move the little cereal puffs over to the side to his eye teeth! ha...

"Showing Some Leg"

I went to pick up Grady after school yesterday and found him in shorts. (Josh gets him ready in the mornings because I have to be at work so early... so I usually don't know what he has on!) I know this sounds weird, but to was strange to see my little man in SHORTS! I have probably only seen him wear shorts a few times... He was so little during the summer last year that he mainly wore onesies and sleeper-kind of outfits. And then it was Fall... so it was weird to see him all "grown-up" and wearing shorts. He looked so big! Gail said that when Josh brought him in that morning, he said Grady was "showing some leg"... ha! Sounds like a Josh comment, huh? Anyway, I just thought he looked so grown-up, and so I had to take some pictures!
Somehow the chick ends up in all of the pictures lately... Grady LOVES this thing!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Baby Chick and Baby Duck"

Jenny has been home from Louisville this week while Grady and I had Spring Break! She brought him an Easter basket with lots of goodies... my personal favorites are these little wind-up Easter toys. One is a chick and the other is a rabbit. You wind them up and they hop all over the place. Grady LOVES them! I think I love them even more! For some reason, they make me think about the Friends episode when Chandler and Joey have a baby chick and a baby duck and they get stuck in the Foosball table. One of my favorite episodes!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What Can I Tear Up?

So far, this is my favorite video. Grady is starting to get into EVERYTHING! Today, I was checking my email in our third bedroom/office, and Grady was playing with a few toys on the floor. He just isn't that interested in toys at times and looks for other things that he can destruct or rearrange... ha! Today, he found the door stopper. I got the camera out and here's what happened next. . . .

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

9 Months!

Random Pics

Grady's sweet little cousin, Mackenzie, gave him some of her old toys since she is such a big girl now. Grady LOVES the little car. Thanks, Mackenzie!
Tracy, for some reason, I think he looks just like Joseph in this picture above.

We had Grady's nine-month check-up today. He's sporting his "good patient" sticker in the picture above. The best news in the whole world: GRADY IS READY FOR REAL MILK! YAHOOOOOOO!!! With the Hammer family being on "major saving mode" these days, we realized that it is going to save us $100.00 a month to not have to buy any more formula! YIPPEE!! He got a great report as usual. Dr. Flowers thought he looked like he was 2 years old instead of nine months! He weighed 21 lb. 15 oz and was 31 inches long. His height is still "off the charts"...
I am such a little ham!