Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vera Helen

Little Miss Vera Helen arrived on Wednesday morning at 10:35 after a (thankfully) easy and quick labor! She weighed an even 8 pounds and was 21 inches long. She is doing great and is a healthy, beautiful little girl! Thanks for all of your prayers! We are back at home (got home yesterday) and re-adjusting to life with a newborn! Oh those joys of sleepless nights! Ha!

Here are some pictures...mostly from the hospital.
Notice Grady-man had to come visit his sister with his bat bag! Of course! He was ready to teach her how to "pitch." IN THE HOSPITAL ROOM!

My friend Leigh Ann has three boys and she suggested the idea to me of getting Grady a "big brother" present FROM Vera to give to him at the hospital. Great idea... Here he is opening his gift from baby sister.

A new special big boy night light...since he is giving his old one to Vera!

Grady has done so much better than Josh and I would have ever dreamed. We weren't really sure how he'd react to not being the center of attention, or adjusting to a new little person in his world. But he has been GREAT with Vera and loves her to death! He is so sweet and gentle and when he talks to her, he does so just like the rest of a sweet little high-pitched voice! It's too funny!

Somebody has her dad wrapped around her little finger already! Josh is just crazy about his little girl!

This is one of my favorites...
I promise to post more pictures soon! Thanks for all of your prayers for our family!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Grady learned to blow dandelions this weekend in Grana and Pops' backyard! We managed to only get a few seedlings in our mouth during the event, but he was fascinated with dandelions! Faye took this picture and sent it to me. I thought it was precious! He is growing up way too fast!
And speaking of growing, our little girl is growing like a weed, too! Went to the doctor today and she was measuring anywhere between 8 lb. 6 oz. to 8 lb. 12 oz. I am 38 weeks today, so according to due date (April 2nd), we still have two weeks to go! Thankfully, my doctor is going to induce on WEDNESDAY of this week to prevent me from having a 10 pounder! ha! So in just two more days, our little family of three is about to get a bit bigger! Will keep you posted!