Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mississippi Snowstorm 2014

Today we had no school due to the gobs and gobs of winter weather present here in Mississippi....  HA.  Poor Josh woke up really early and left for work at like 6:15 a.m. because he figured it would take a while to get there.  When he pulled up at his office, his boss called and said they were closing today.  So he made the trip back home, going on side roads to avoid the standstill traffic on the interstate.

Oh well, I guess 6 snowflakes is better than no snowflakes...  (Just kidding...we had more than 6, but I am sure Jenny, Eric, and PawPaw will be laughing at these pictures of all of our snow!!!) 

We stayed inside all morning and just watched it, hoping that we would get at least enough to cover the grass and have a decent amount to play in.  After lunch, Josh decided from watching the radar that we probably had all we were going to get.  So we went out to play for a bit.  It was COLD!  This Mississippi girl lives down south for a reason...  I HATE to be cold!  So we didn't play very long.  But Vera and Grady thought it was great!  They looked just like Ralphie and Randy.  

 Vera thought it was hilarious when Josh threw snowballs at her!

 Of course my little eater had to taste some snow...

Now...let's hope for some warmer weather to come our way soon!  This cold is the pits!  I am ready for the beach!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Memphis Trip

For Christmas, we gave Grady and Vera tickets to the Fresh Beat Band concert in Memphis at the Orpheum.  My kids LOVE this show!  They watch it when it comes on tv, but they also have one of the season's DVD's and so we can watch it all the time...  ha ha.  When I first heard they were coming to Memphis, let's say that Josh didn't jump right on that as fast as I did...  It took him a while to give in and agree to get tickets for them for Christmas.  It was so worth it because they had SUCH a great time, and we did too.  They put on a good little show and there should just be more things like that for kiddos with positive messages and such.  Here are a few pics from the concert...  Neither of them were very interested in taking pictures as usual.

Josh sure looks pumped up about the Fresh Beats, doesn't he???  HAAA!  (He had a good time...even if he doesn't admit it!)

 Grady totally got into the music and actually danced and tried to sing along with the songs he knew...and we did know most of them!  V. even clapped and tried to sing along, too!

 We got seats right on the aisle as we had read reviews about the band encouraging kids to get up and dance in the aisles.  Grady and V. got in the aisle a few times, but were more fascinated with the big girls dancing behind them than the band on stage.  ha.
 Back at the hotel...  Aren't their little guitar shirts so cute!?  And we have already broken one of the fabulous light-up sticks!  Oh well!
 We spent the night and then took them to the Children's Museum of Memphis the next morning before heading back home.  This children's museum is the first one I ever went to when I was a kid and I had such great memories of it.  It did not disappoint!  It was SUCH a great children's museum and these two little kiddos (and two BIG kiddos) had a ball!  We hope to be able to take them back really soon as they thoroughly enjoyed it and didn't want to leave!