Monday, August 20, 2012

5 months old!

Vera is 5 months old! She is doing great, sleeping through the night like a little champ, thankfully! I am behind on starting to introduce food to her diet... Just when I was ready to start, school was starting and it was crazy around here. Then, she got sick (of COURSE...being in daycare only a week!!!). She caught a stomach bug, passed it to Josh, then he passed it to me. Then sweet DeeDee and Pete caught it because they kept the kiddos while Josh and I were sick. So that all just added to the craziness! We are keeping our fingers crossed that everyone is well and will STAY well for a while now!

Haven't been to the doctor in a month, but at 4 months, she weighed 14 pounds and was in the 95th percentile for her height! Going to be a tall little girl!

She likes to nap with "Ellie"...
She HATES hair bands, bows, barrettes, etc....

Happy as a lark when I get rid of those...ha ha!

Her eyes are still as blue as can be! Even more blue then Grady's I think! So I'm guessing that if they were going to turn brown, they would have already done so by now...
Her serious pose...

She loves her jump-a-roo!

hmmmmm... wonder if I can snatch that silly sign!

GOT IT!!!!!


A few videos for you...

Random stuff, I know... I tend to record longer than a minute each time and then I can't download them to blogger because they are too long... So I am trying to remember to make shorter little videos that I can post.

Grady reading to Vera:

"Talking" on their phones: