Saturday, September 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Will!!!

On Sept. 5th, this little guy turned ONE!  I can't believe how fast this past year has flown by and how BIG he has gotten!  For those of you who do not know, this is my nephew, Will.  Is this not the sweetest little face???!! 
 Susan and Jon decided to have his birthday party at the tailgate in Starkville since there was a home game that weekend.  (Poor child...  as big of football fans as his parents are...and also everyone else in his family...he will run into this predicament every single year when it's his birthday!  ha!)
 The minute we arrived, Fisher was already there and ready for Grady to play some football!  Kai and Vera joined in, too! (notice that Vera plays football with her purse...  ha!)

Susan's beautiful cake for the birthday man...

 Grady adores this little guy...and I think the feeling is mutual!

Sweet, precious Harveys!

I think Will was a little excited that all those presents were for HIM!  He had LOTS of help opening everything.  That was the fastest present-opening-experience I've ever seen! ha.
 Vera is always MORE than happy to help anyone open presents...  She's also more than happy to play with other people's gifts!  :)

Time to eat!  Grady, Vera, and Fisher did WAY more socializing than eating!

After lunch, we painted faces for the kiddos!  This pic cracks me up...Look at William in the background, showing where he wants paw prints on his face.  ha ha!

These are two peas in a pod!  SOOOOOO great to see Fisher-man doing so good and so healthy!  He is one super little boy and a walking example of God's awesome healing power!  Loved, loved, loved watching the two of these boys play all day together!

On to the game...  It was Vera's first ever!
Gee, doesn't Grady look excited?!!  Haaaaa!

Hottest game I remember in forever...  It was sweltering!  Felt like 115 degrees!  V. was a little trooper!

And SUCH a responsible little cowbell-ringer, too!

She lasted until the end of the first quarter.  She said she wanted to go back to the tailgate and see DeeDee.  ha!  So we did!  Of COURSE on the way back, we had to stop and snag a flower!

The future generation of "magpies"...  LOVE it!

FUN DAY!  Happy Birthday, Sweet Will!