Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Look Alike

EVERYONE says Grady looks just like Josh...
Can you see why???
Thanks for sending this picture, Paw-Paw!  :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pink, or Blue???

I'm not sure if I have shared on the blog the exciting news that I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!!!!  Susan and Jon are expecting their first child in August or September, and I am just so pumped up about that!  Anyway, they had their sonogram to find out the sex of the baby on Monday, and so of COURSE Susan had to throw a big "reveal" party that night.  Worked out wonderfully because Jenny happened to be home from Idaho, so our whole family was there!
(Beware...picture overload coming...  I think I took 78 pictures, but I am posting only some!)

Pink, or Blue???  
The front door:
The bottle tree...  Susan had pink and blue bottles and we had to make our "votes" and place them on the tree: 
 The pink and blue candy bar...  Grady's favorite place!  He hung out next to this table all night.  ha!
 Grady's vote:  BOY!
 Pete's vote:  BOY!
 Jenny's vote:  BOY!
 Vera's vote:  GIRL (I made her pick it...I was the only one who'd placed a pink bottle on the tree at this point, and I needed some support!)
 DeeDee's vote:  GIRL!
 Susan had a table full of goodies...sweet stuff of COURSE...and she went with a theme of "things a pregnant lady has been craving!"  It was really cute and yummy!

 This was my favorite thing...  She had little notes for us to write to Baby Harvey...  Here's Pete giving his words of wisdom to his future grandchild...  (YIKES, no TELLING what is on this piece of paper!  Watch out, Baby Harvey!)
 Mom and I writing our notes...
 Grady wanted to write a note for his little cousin!  SO SWEET!  I LOVE it that he came up with all of these answers himself!  I had to explain to him what "respect" means and such, but he totally came up with these answers... I promise I did not tell him to mention the Bulldogs...He is brainwashed and he came up with strictly on his own!  LOVE IT! ***Side note:  To anyone who doesn't know, Jon is a HUGE Alabama fan.  Grady's comment about the "elephants" is in response to this!!! (Click on the picture so you can read it better)...  Sorry it is sideways, couldn't get it to turn around.
 The "REVEAL" cake!!!
 FINALLY, We have been waiting all night for them to dig into this cake!!!
 And the verdict is....................

IT'S a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!
 Jon's dad was on the phone in KY so he could "hear" the verdict!  I didn't get pictures, but both of Jon's parents also predicted a boy.  So Mom and I were wrong this time!  I am so surprised, but so super excited!  Grady Hammer was fist-pumping like a mad-man!  It was hilarious!

 Jon had to replay the video of our reactions SEVERAL times because Grady's reaction was so funny!  I think he was happier than anyone (well, maybe except for Jon!!!)
 The two grandmothers, all smiles!!!
 We love you, Aunt Sue-Sue!  You are going to be such a great mama!!!

I cannot WAIT to watch these two be parents!  Y'all are going to be wonderful parents and little man Harvey is so lucky to be born into your family!  I love him already and cannot wait to hold him and spoil him rotten and teach him to love the Bulldogs!  He is already one very blessed little guy!  (He just needs himself a name!!!!)  ha ha!

AUNT Julie

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter 2013

As we do each spring, Grady and Vera had their pics taken with Lisa Patti.  This was Vera's first year to do the pictures and she had a ball!  Grady (as usual) was still shy and a little unsure of the bunnies.  For whatever reason, he's never wanted to get too close to them.  Vera, on the other hand, wanted the bunny, goat, and chick to sit in her lap!  She laughed and giggled the entire time her pictures were being taken!  Here are a few of their pictures...

Time to dye eggs!  
So disappointed that Grady-man RUSHED through this in 5 minutes this year!  I'm hoping that Vera will make me proud in a couple of years and spend hours with me decorating eggs like Susan, Jenny, and I used to do!  :)  I didn't get many pictures this year...

Easter morning, raiding the buckets from the bunny!

We were SUPER excited that DeeDee and Pete came over to go to church with us on Easter Sunday and have lunch at our house along with Susan and Jon!  Once again, I didn't get many pictures at all.  The rain came in the middle of our egg hunt, so we wrapped that up in a snap and got back inside!  Grady (as usual) stripped down and removed his church outfit the minute he walked in the door, opting for basketball shorts and a tshirt...  so we didn't get a cute picture of the two kiddos in their Easter outfits...