Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back in the Routine

er,...three weeks after the fact... (and hence the reason for no posts in forever!!!)
It was bittersweet to start back to school at the end of the summer. I enjoyed being with Grady so much this summer and doing not much of anything else! It was much needed and he and I had fun! I was worried he would be rotten when he went back to Gail's in August, but she said he was fine and acted like he'd never had a summer break! (on a side note though, I went to pick him up one day this week and he had been put in "time-out" for hitting people with a truck...ha! yeah, we're working on the no-hitting thing at home!)
But also, the start of school always excites me so much...all the "newness" of another year beginning and new students to teach. It's hard to explain, but usually I am not ready for summer to end, but at the same time, kind of excited about school beginning. This year was no exception. I LOVE my class this year! They are wonderful and I am so excited about the year ahead!
We took pictures of Grady-man the first morning of "school" starting again!
All ready to go...

DeeDee got Grady a new big-boy backpack! He loves tractors and anything to do with a farm!
I told one of my friends at school the other day that they need to start a club for husbands of teachers. Poor Josh! Did he even know what he was getting in to!!!?? I am still learning not to be a work-a-holic. He is so great to get Grady ready in the mornings and take him to Gail's. Usually, I am gone before Grady even wakes up! Josh does so much to help out! I am so lucky! Of course, Grady doesn't even care that I'm gone...Dad is pretty entertaining!

Enough Said...

Yes, Daddy is the super hero around here! I thought this picture was worth a thousand words. Grady grins and squeals every afternoon when Josh gets home! On this day, he decided to wear Daddy's shoes!

Late Mother's Day Treat!

Susan and I had been wanting to try out the painting class/studio, Easely Amused. We got Mom a gift certificate for Mother's Day and we just all were busy over the summer and didn't get around to scheduling a class until the end of the summer. We finally found a time we could all go and we had a BALL! If you haven't been, you need to grab a friend and schedule a class! I cannot wait to go back! We plan to do it again really soon!

Hammer Family Visit

Paw-Paw and Aunt Autumn came to visit us in late July. Grady LOVES his Aunt Autumn.
Paw-Paw surprised Grady-man with a new "Cracker Barrell" rocking chair that's just right for him! He LOVES this chair and can now crawl in and out of it himself!
It is for sure his new favorite place to read books! Josh is worried that Grady is turning into a book-worm like his mom! Of course this child must love to read if he belongs to me! :)
Thanks for the chair, Paw-Paw!!!


Better late than never....
Long time, no posts! But Grady-man's latest milestone requires posting! Grady is FINALLY walking! WHOO HOO! Late bloomer maybe, but better late than never I guess. He's been walking with one of us holding his hand for a really long time, but he wouldn't get the confidence to let go of someone's hand or a couch, wall, chair, etc. and just go on his own. Just this past week, he's started to get a little more confident. Gail told me on Monday at daycare that he has been walking a good bit with her. Last night, Josh and I were watching a football game on tv, not really paying attention to Grady all that much. He was just in the floor playing and we were in the floor too, but watching the game. All of a sudden, we see this little blonde head streaking across the living room to get another toy and we were like OH MY GOSH! He had never been more than a few steps at a time and all of a sudden, he crossed the living room in a flash! It was too funny! Now he's walking all over the house. I am so proud of my little late bloomer! ha! Here's a video from this morning.