Monday, August 31, 2009

3 Months Old!

I am three months old today! My new favorite things are:

pulling my own pacifier out and putting it back in
grinning at Mom and Dad
looking/laughing at myself in the mirror
kicking my feet constantly as hard as I can
chewing on my fists
watching cartoons on Saturday morning with my dad

Pete and DeeDee brought me this special shirt all the way from NewYork! It's my very first baseball jersey! Mom and Pete are going to take me to Yankee Stadium as soon as I am big enough to go! I've got to see the ballpark where I'll play 1st base one day!

Aunt Jenny, this video is for you! Mom's been trying to catch me smiling so you can see it on video! I miss you! Come see me soon!

Monday, August 24, 2009

11 weeks old!

Hard to believe that little man is 11 weeks old today! People told me that time would fly and boy has it! People also told me not to wish away the time when he is a baby because it will go by so fast and you'll wake up one day and wonder how he got so big so fast. That is so true! I mean, I could DEFINITELY use some more sleep still (we're STILL not sleeping through the night...) BUT, he has grown up SO much and changed SO much over the past few weeks! It's so neat to watch him change before our eyes!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! School has kind of taken over my life during the past couple of weeks. It is alot harder than I ever thought it would be to switch to a new grade in a new school, all with the responsibility of being a new MOM! Hopefully things will calm down soon. I've continued to take lots of pictures, but just haven't had the time to post them!

Aunt Susan brought Grady this outfit a while back, but it was a size 6-9 month and I put it in the drawer for later on. However, the growing little booger is already wearing this size!!! And he's not even 3 months yet! Yikes, we are going to have a tall little man on our hands! Anyway, today was his first time to wear this shirt, Aunt Sue... and I thought it was the PERFECT outfit for Grady-man! It seems that every day I pick the little guy up from Granny Gail's house in the afternoons, he has had to change his clothes because he is a little "fountain" at EVERY diaper change! At our house, we have "tee-tee tee-pees" for this purpose... maybe I should send some in Grady's bag to Granny Gail's house! He is a little stinker! He just LOOKS mischievous in this picture!

The Man in the Mirror

One of Grady's most favorite things these days is to check himself out in the mirror! This absolutely cracks me up! He still hates to be burped sometimes after we feed him, so one day, I tried taking him into our bathroom with all of the big mirrors and bright lights. He is fascinated by lights and this seemed to keep him from squirming and refusing to burp. So I kept on taking him in there after bottles. Then I started to realize that he LOVES to look in the mirror! He will look at me sometimes, but usually, it's his own face that he giggles at! It is so funny! He is captivated by his own reflection...

Dad and me!

Grady has managed to catch his first "cold" over the past week or so. I guess it was just getting used to being around other kids at daycare or just allergies or something. He hasn't seemed to care very much, but has been kind of congested, especially right when he wakes up. He has been a little trooper, though! Josh has had a cold too. He claims Grady gave it to him. Grady claims he caught the cold from Dad! ha! The little sicklings hung out together in the recliner all day Sunday!

Being Good is Boring!

I still love to spit!

Put 'em up!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to Work!

Our little man is growing up! This was my first week back to work officially...(hence the whole week of no posts on the blog!) What a long week! New school, changing from Kindergarten to 3rd grade, plus baby at home has been enough to exhaust me more than EVER! I am running on empty and SO glad it's Friday so I can spend the weekend with my family and just rest!

Grady has done SUCH a great job adjusting to his new schedule this week. I was worried about how he would do, but he has been so wonderful and so sweet! We had originally planned to go the daycare route, but we have been so blessed to have found the most wonderful mom/daughter who team up and keep a few children in their home and that is where Grady stays while Josh and I are working. Every day that I have gone to pick him up, he has greeted me with the biggest grin (except for one day that he was sleeping!) It makes my whole day to get to "Granny Gail's house" to see this little man that I've waited all day long to see! I could just eat him up! Look how big our little guy is now!
When school starts back up, I am always a crazy person for the first few weeks... there is SO much to do. With all my changes in schools/grades, I've been stressed to the limits! Josh has been SO great to take care of Grady at night so I can get work done! He feeds him, makes his bottles, packs his bags for the next day, and has EVEN changed some dirty diapers (yes, Viola...he still uses the face mask! ha!) Grady LOVES his dad! I think he looks like Josh more and more every day!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two Months Old!

It is so hard to believe that Grady turned two months old on Monday! We go for his 2-month check-up tomorrow. I can't wait to see how much he weighs now. Josh got on the scale this weekend and then held Grady and got on the scale again to see if he could get an estimate of his weight by looking at the difference. He said he thinks Grady is about 12 pounds! He doesn't look like he weighs that much, but he is so long that I guess it is possible!

Yesterday, my dad brought Papaw over to visit with Grady! He hadn't seen him for over a month and kept talking about how "heavy" he was now! Papaw was so cute holding him! He is just in love with his little great grandson! I love watching him with Grady!

Dad (Pete) and Grady...
Several people have asked me where "Pete" came from. No, it's not my dad's name, but it's what my granddaddy called him for some reason. And it's what all of his family calls him as well. So that's what he picked out for his "granddaddy name!" I think it's just perfect! It will definitely be easy for Grady to say!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Eventful Weekend!

We had a busy weekend at the Hammer house! On Friday night, Josh and I took Grady out to eat. On Saturday, he went to a birthday party/dinner for his cousin, Johnathon and got to meet LOTS of family members he hadn't met yet! On Sunday, we finally got brave enough to take the little guy to church for the first time. He really seemed to like the worship/song part of the service, which doesn't surprise me because the boy loves music! By the time the last song was over, he had fallen asleep. There were a few scary moments during the sermon when he would wake himself up and grunt really loud. But thankfully, we didn't have to make a run for the exit! He behaved and we were able to stay until the very end of the service! YEAAA! whew! Now that that first trip is over, I'm sure next Sunday will be easier. The couple sitting next to us asked if it was our first time to bring him to church. "Yeah, can you tell!?!" I said! I guess I looked like the nervous mom and it was a bit obvious! ha! Here's a picture of my boys all dressed for church!

Sunday night, our small group had a cookout. We've had three new little additions to our group over the past few months. THREE BOYS! The three little guys had met one other time, but were all asleep. This time, we got them together for a picture finally! How cute are these little men in the recliner?!

Grady and his little buddies (Vaiden Jackson on the left and Owen Shirley in the middle). I'm so glad he will have two little friends that are so close in age! Boy, will they be into everything before long!!!

Grady and his future MSU roommate! ha!