Monday, November 10, 2014

MSU Homecoming 2014

Saturday was MSU's Homecoming Weekend.  A little late this year it seems...  In the morning before we left for Starkville, we found Grady's old Tyler Russell jersey.  At first, Vera refused to put it on.  She is so hung up on the cheerleader thing.  But anyway, we finally convinced her to wear the jersey and she LOVED it!  Grady did, too!  He thought he'd recruited a new football player.  He was teaching her "plays" and how to say "hut hut!"

 We didn't tailgate, but got there in time to eat lunch and stop by Fanfare.  Vera was all smiles to get her face painted on one side and a tattoo on the other.
 Grady lost a tooth just before we went into the stadium!  This is his second one to lose.  Tiny little baby teeth!

 Let me tell you...this is ONE cowbell-ringin'-girl!  She is a little pro!  Makes me laugh to watch her!

 After she got tired of watching the "princesses" (a.k.a. the MSU homecoming maids) at half-time, she climbed up next to Pete and was out in 3 minutes!
I think she has done pretty well for her first MSU football season!  And hey, maybe she's brought them some good luck this year, too!
Hail State!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween night brought some COLD weather this year!  We ate an early supper and then went trick-or-treating with Will and Kai.  It was so cold and windy that we didn't stay out for long.  Then it was back to Susan's to gobble down some of the loot and a few more goodies!  Grady wanted to be a ninja turtle this year.  GONE are the days that I have any input on his costume!  ha!  Vera wanted to be a "little witch" (her words exactly)...  but all the witch costumes we found were either to growny-looking or either too babyish.  When we found out that Will was dressing up as Mike Majowski from Monsters Inc., we decided that Vera would be "Sulley."  We found a girl Sulley costume and she was thrilled to be a monster with Will!  :)  Kai was a little fireman!  They were precious!  Here are a few pics...