Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Raining...

We finally have managed to get some RAIN this week. We haven't had to water our grass constantly as we have in the past several weeks, thank goodness. So anyway, with the drought, I have no idea how Grady has managed to learn this song... there's been no need to sing it! ha. But he LOVES this song and will just walk around the house singing it. I could listen to his sweet little voice singing all day long. In the video, he had a little help, but you get the idea. It's funny, but I can remember when we were little and Jenny was about Grady's age. She would chatter on about any and everything and no one could understand her but my mom. Susan and I were talking about this the other day when she couldn't understand what Grady was trying to tell her, but I could make out every single word. SO...if you can't understand him, he is singing "It's raining, it's pouring" in "Grady language."

Christmas in July

Happy (late) birthday to my sweet Mama! We went to paint at Easely Amused's Christmas in July for her birthday on Tuesday...and as always, we have a ball!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This book was recommended to me by several different people. It's been out for over a year, but I just hadn't had the time to read it until a week or so ago. When you have a two-year-old, your reading time gets cut short! But anyway, I finally got the chance to read it and what an awesome book! I had to pass along the recommendation. If you haven't read it, it's a must-read. It's funny and sad and inspirational and I just could not put it down! You will find yourself literally laughing outloud and rooting for the characters in the story because they are so real. Best book I have read in a long time! The movie is coming out in August, so if you haven't read the book yet, hurry up and do so. The book is ALWAYS 10 times better than the movie of course! :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Beach Wears You Out!

This video cracks me up. We had just come in from the beach for a lunch break and for Grady to take his nap. He played SO hard that morning that he was having major trouble staying awake long enough to eat his lunch. I am a mean mama and got the video camera out... ha!

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Fourth

My child wants to move to Orange Beach. What a long way we have come from March!!! During that trip, Grady asked to go home the first night we arrived at the beach. This time, we'd ask him if he was ready to go home and he'd say, "No go home. I stay here!" We are so glad that he finally loves the beach as much as we do. Pete has dubbed him a "regular little beach bum." I'm with Grady...wish we could have stayed longer. I don't think I am ever ready to come back home when I am down there! We enjoyed beautiful weather, delicious seafood, awesome fireworks on the 4th, and just good ole relaxing and fun with the fam! I am counting the days until we go back! :)

feeding the fish at Wolf Bay

Grady even decided that he liked to WALK on the BEACH! WOW! Couldn't believe it! A few months ago, he wouldn't even put his pinkie toe in the sand. This time, he begged for someone to take him walking to look for "she-shells" to put in his "buh-kit". We brought home 952 "she-shells"...ha. Well not quite, but he did pick up every shell in sight.

splashing in the waves

He's getting so opinionated. Every day, I'd let him choose which swim trunks and hat to wear to the beach. He is attached to his MSU cap... what a loyal little bulldog!!!

Josh built Grady a sand castle. Mom and I had to take Grady for another one of those "she-shell" walks to distract him during the building process. During our last beach trip in May, we taught Grady to tear down the sand castles we were building...just in hopes that we could get him to like the sand and not mind standing in it. But now that he is a beach bum, I'm sorry...he's GOT to learn the Fulton Family Rules of respecting all sand castle creations. There is no tearing down of the sand castles... When Susan, Jenny, and I were little, we'd guard our sand castles from destructor-kids and watch like hawks to make sure no one bothered them. I can remember even watching from the balcony once Mom and Dad made us go inside...just to see if it was still standing. I also remember one time watching (from the balcony) a group of kids tearing down our castle and wanting to run down to the beach and give them a knuckle sandwich... ha. SO... Grady is being tutored in the lessons of sand castle etiquette. ha. He did good for his first lesson and this castle stayed in tact while we were on the beach!

Happy Birthday, America!