Thursday, July 30, 2009

bath time

At first, Grady seemed to detest getting a bath. We fought with him while he squealed like a pig the whole entire time! Then thankfully, DeeDee told us we weren't filling the tub with enough water (duh!). After that little correction, bath time has become a much more fun experience for Grady AND Mom and Dad! ha! He loves being in his little tub and getting clean!

All clean!

Getting our pajamas on and ready for bed...

Ahhh...this is the life!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Baby

Yeaaa! Finally, after 3 formulas and also changing the type of bottle we were using, I think we may be on to something that works! Grady seems to be happier at feeding times and afterwards! We were having not such a fun time for a few weeks there, but hopefully have gotten things figured out! He is no longer spitting up everything he eats! YEAAA! He seems to be much more content and less gassy! I am keeping my fingers crossed that things will stay this way! Here are a few pictures of our little 7-week-old-man!

Now if we could just work on the SLEEP thing! Just this last week, he has decided that he doesn't like to sleep in any type of bed...his bassinet, his "napper," his big-boy crib...he hates them all! He will only sleep in his swing, carseat, or his personal favorite is in the recliner on Mom or Dad's chest. I've had to spend the last two nights with him in the recliner because that was the only way he would go to sleep. School is starting SO soon for me, so we have got to get this little man into his bed quick! Pray that this will happen soon! Then we'll have a happy baby AND happy parents!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Daddy Diaper Duty!

Josh's Aunt Viola gave him the funniest gift before Grady was born...a "Daddy's Diaper Device." It is this little tool belt full of "supplies" needed for a DAD to change a diaper! The kit was complete with safety goggles, tongs, rubber gloves, face masks, wipes, baby powder, hand sanitizer, etc. I've been meaning to take a picture of Josh wearing it so Viola could see! WELL, it just so happens that Mr. Grady has become a really stinky little customer these days! (We had to change formulas and even begin adding rice cereal to his formula, and that has made for some really not-so-sweet-smelling-diaper-changes!! ha!) So needless to say, Josh has gotten the tool belt out! Last night, it was so bad, he put the face mask on. I had to get the camera out for this!

***BUT, please note: With all these pictures, you'd
think that DAD changed the diaper. NOT SO... Of course, Mom ended up doing the job! He's all for show! ha! (Thanks, Viola, for the precious gift! Grady will laugh at this one day!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Please come home to see me soon, Aunt Jenny! We miss you already (my mom especially misses you!!!)

Monday, July 20, 2009

6 Weeks Old!

Grady is 6 weeks old today...hard to believe Josh and I have been PARENTS for 6 weeks. Even more hard to believe is that I am still functioning with no sleep for 6 whole weeks! HA! He is growing like a weed and gaining weight...not such a skinny boy any more! :) We went on our first "family outing" this weekend...a lunch date to Corner Bakery. Everything went smoothly as Grady slept through the meal. We are hoping to attempt taking him to church soon. I'm a little nervous about him throwing a major fit just as it gets quiet before the sermon! I'm keeping my fingers crossed...we'll see! Here are a few recent pictures.

I think he is getting very close to smiling on his own...right now, it's still the fake smiles where he is just exercising his little facial muscles or whatever. But he is getting close to the real thing! I can't wait for that moment!

I can look at this little face and just melt!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Four Generations

Grandparents are the most wonderful thing! Mine were like second parents and a HUGE part of my life! Grady is the first grandchild on both sides, so he is bound to be spoiled rotten. Something that I am really proud of is that Grady also has two grandfather, and Josh's grandmother. That is so special to me because I only was able to meet one of my great grandparents and I was really too young to remember her very much. We took some "four generation pictures" a couple of weeks ago with "Grandmother" and "Papaw." They were so proud of their little great grandson!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Month Old!

Time is flying by! It's so hard to believe that Grady turned 1 month old this week. He is growing like a weed! He is still a sleepyhead pretty much, but occasionally tends to be a night owl and is wide awake and alert at 3 a.m. (NOT my favorite time of day!) His new thing is to grab on to things with every ounce of energy he has! I have to make sure my hair is pulled back or he will give it a yank that actually kind of hurts..ha! When he is throwing a fit, the intensity of the "yank" gets much worse! This morning when I was getting his bottle ready, of course I wasn't fast enough for his hungry little self. In the midst of his fit-throwing, he reached up and grabbed my glasses and yanked them right off my face. He cracks me up!

I will sleep just about anywhere... my bassinet...

my car seat...

Mom's lap!

hanging out on the boppy pilllow
Aren't I growing!?!?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

3 Weeks Old!!!

Grady was 3 weeks old on Monday, June 29th. He is working on getting into a routine, but Mom and Dad are still struggling with it (especially the "sleep-being-interrupted" part!) He is becoming more alert during the times he is actually awake and we love to see him with his eyes open. However, it seems that as soon as we get the camera out to catch him "wide-eyed," he starts to yawn and our efforts have failed! Here are a few recent pictures.

He LOVES his swing (thanks, Grana!) and falls asleep there often! He's still just so little that we have to "prop" him up with headrests so that his heavy little head doesn't fall over.

This morning, we took our first ride in the stroller. It was just up and down our street, but it was so great to get outside the house for a change, even despite the heat! Grady didn't last three seconds before he started snoozing away, so I guess he didn't even know he was on a stroller ride! ha!

The Hammers' New Blog!

Welcome to our new blog! We decided to create this website to keep our family and friends updated with our life...mainly the newest addition to our life...Mr. Grady! So far, we've been pretty good about taking lots of pictures and I know that there will be lots more to come! So check back often to see what's going on with us! Hope you enjoy!