Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

We made our annual visit to Nichols Boyd Pumpkin Patch today.  This was Will's first trip (and Jon's and Dad's, too!  ha ha!)  We got there as soon as the gates opened to try to get on the first wagon.  It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time!  I don't know who had the most fun...the kids or my dad!  

Tonight as I was downloading my pictures from my camera, I realized that I had the camera on a weird setting and I didn't know it...and so most of my pictures weren't that great.  PLUS, the fact that three little kids...who shall remain nameless...REFUSE to look at the camera and pose at the same time!  AGH!  Oh well!  Makes things comical!

Here are a few pictures from the morning:

 Somehow Aunt Julie always manages to catch Will having a fit.  And it makes me laugh (sorry, Susan)...maybe because it's finally not MY kid throwing one!  ha!  Here, Josh had tried to hand him the LITTLE pumpkin so he could hold it.  He did NOT want the little one.  He kept going for the biggest pumpkin that he could find.  So cute!  So yet another comical picture of these three because we just canNOT get one that is posed and perfect!  :)

Happy Fall, Y'all!

The World's WORST Toy!

Looking for an annoying gift to give to someone you don't like?  I've got one for ya.  Grady conned his Aunt Jenny into buying this while she was here last week.  He is so proud!  I cannot even begin to explain how annoying this thing is. Josh, Grady, AND my poor little tom-boy daughter all think it is the most hilarious thing ever.  I can't wait til Jenny has kids!  One word:  PAYBACK!
Thanks, Jen! :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

MSU vs Auburn

I will remember this day for the rest of my life.
THANK YOU, Mom and Jenny...for keeping Vera so I could experience the greatest game I've ever watched!  What an amazing day to be a bulldog!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

MS State Fair

I am way behind on posts!  Life has been hectic!  AGH!  

We went to the fair while Jenny and Eric were in Mississippi.  ALL OF US went to the fair!  It was great!  Dad and I were trying to remember the last time we all went to the fair together and it might have been when I was in second grade.  We didn't go to the state fair much when I was younger.  The Yazoo County Fair was THE BEST and we usually just did that one.  I think I can count on one hand the times I've been to the state fair.  Guess that will have to change because Grady and Vera think it's the best thing since sliced bread...  of course!  

 Oh, those GRAND prizes you get at the fair!  (And Grady's ball is already ruined/popped!)

YEA for the fair!
 (And YEEAAAA that it only comes around once a year!  ha ha!)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

MSU vs Texas A&M

It was a "red letter day."  I have no other words to describe it!  Starkville was the happiest place on Earth!  It felt surreal to see such a game!  SO pumped up that I actually got to watch the ENTIRE game, too!  Miss Vera did absolutely wonderful!  She stayed for the entire game...had only one break to run to the restroom just before half-time!  She is on the road to following in her brother's footsteps as he is already a little "stay-the-whole-game" dude!

 This isn't the greatest shot in the world, but proof that WILL and VERA were there!  Together!  ha ha!  Even if it was for just a little bit!  Will did much better than last time.  Susan and Jon Jon stood down close to the sidelines of the field at the beginning of the game because it was less noisy than in our seats.  He is a little trooper!  :)
 Jon took Will for a nap after halftime.  SO glad to get to watch a WHOLE game with Susan!  Can't remember the last time that happened!  And what a game to watch!

For Father's Day, we all surprised Dad with an honorary brick in the new stadium expansion's entrance at Davis-Wade.  They sent me a map to locate the brick, and we have been wanting to go see it together as a family, but just haven't been able to get over there at the past three games.  Again, we tried before today's game, but it just didn't happen.  After the game was over and everyone was so excited and pumped, we headed over to find it!  Such a sweet moment!  I cannot think of a bigger State fan in all the world than my dad!  Win or lose, he supports his Dawgs no matter what!  Hmmm...wonder where my die-hard-ness came from???  ha!
 We tried to get him to lay on the ground for a picture by the brick...ha ha.  Just kidding...  Wish Will would have been with us...  who knew the little turkey was playing at the tailgate instead of napping!!!
 My sweet little die-hards!  They are the best little fans I know!
 So sweet to have Jenny home today!  :)
 Back at the tailgate,...Grady "reading" to Will!
 Perfect weather, perfect game, perfect day!

Hail State!