Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vera's room

Here are some pictures of our finished...(YEA, FINISHED)... nursery! People have asked me what color we painted the nursery, and when I reply, "a kind of bluey-turquoise color", I've gotten a few strange looks... ha. I know it's not the "normal" color for a baby girl room, but if you know me well, you know that I am most DEFINITELY not a "pink" person! The thought of painting a room pink makes me cringe. I'm not sure why, but pink has just never really been my favorite. Don't get me wrong... I am so very excited about having a little girl, but I just didn't feel like covering everything from wall to wall in pink. I actually had a really hard time trying to decide on bedding and decor for her room. Grady's was much easier for me to decide on. Her bedding is called "Lullabye Breeze" and Josh's sweet Aunt Viola made the beautiful afghan you see on the rocking chair to match it. Such a sweet gift! The rocking chair was also in Grady's nursery. It was Faye's and she used it to rock Josh when he was a baby. I love that!
I ordered the vintagey letters above her bed from Land of Nod, where I got Grady's as well. I loved that they were SO cheap and so easy to hang! Grady is always practicing spelling his sister's name when he goes in her room!

This was Grady's cousin Grayson's chair when she was little! It goes great with her bedding...and is SO soft! Grady has to sit in "Vera's chair" every time he goes in the room... THANK YOU, SUSAN and GRAYSON! :)

Saw some cute shadow boxes on different websites and liked the idea, so I decided to try and make one. Used different scrapbooking paper that I liked and just painted the frame and the back of the frame to match her room.

Also saw an idea for a ribbon wreath... WHEW! What a project this turned out to be! Began it one weekend and finished it about a month later! AGH! It took a LOT more ribbon than I thought it would, and so it turned out costing me a lot more than I thought it would... but oh well, I liked the end result! It's hanging on her door right now. I was going to try and figure out a way to put her "birth stats" on it and have it as our hospital door hanger, but I kind of just like it the way it is. So I will probably leave it as is. Faye found this wooden V a long time ago, and I liked it in the center rather than a "stats" thing in the center...

I ordered these mesh sequined butterflies from this neat website called Butterfly Craze. We have several hanging from the ceiling and then some attached to the curtains.

I have the most wonderful set of classroom parents this year! They all got together and threw a surprise baby shower for me on Valentine's Day at school. The kids knew all about it and totally kept it a secret from me. It was so sweet. One of the moms of one of my students painted this for Vera's room. So sweet!

More random creations that I came up with from ideas I saw on the internet and scrapbook paper that I liked... I thought the birds were cute. Grady points to each one and says "This one is dad, this one is mom, this one is me, and that one is Vera." Can't believe we will soon have FOUR people living here! :)

And this one is just Mom and Vera!

The diaper cake was from my surprise shower at school, and Faye made the stork/basket. I hate taking these things apart! They are too cute to take apart!

So I guess all we need now is a little girl to put in the room! ha! She will be here before we know it.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Melted Hearts

When I picked Grady up from school on Wednesday, he wasn't feeling well. He had a fever that night, but no other symptoms of a cold or stomach bug or anything like that. Thursday, Josh stayed at home with him because he still had a fever and we let him sleep in late. Thought he was better last night, but then fever went back up to 102. SO, I stayed at home with him today. He is acting like his normal self with no fever... so I do not know what the deal is...maybe a fever virus, or cutting molars???

ANYWAY, I guess if I had to take the day off, at least I didn't have to spend it cleaning up throw-up or visiting the doctor. Glad he is feeling better and hope we are good to go now! Today, Grady and I have worked on his valentines for his friends at school. Saw this idea the other day and wanted to make them...but honestly, if I hadn't had the time to do them today, he'd probably have had to just have Toy Story valentines from Walmart. This was so much fun instead!

First, peeled tons of crayons...

Broke them into little pieces and put into silicon heart baking molds...
Baked them in the oven for 15 minutes... They came out all melted and weird-looking on the bottoms...

But after they cooled and we flipped them out of the molds, they looked really neat on the tops!

Found some cellophane bags in my random craft box and used cardstock to make a little label for each child in his class...

Yes, they are kind of cheesy, but it's for 2 year olds... How cute are these!??!