Thursday, April 24, 2014

Little Chef

Vera is all about kitchens and cooking and helping and PIZZA!!!  Slow down, time!  She is not supposed to be so big yet!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

What beautiful weather we have been having in Mississippi finally!  Easter was a little later than normal this year and we were SO glad for the warm weather and sunny days that we could spend outside!  On Good Friday, we were "EGGED" by some of our sweet friends!  Grady and Vera found this note in the mailbox and 12 eggs hidden in the yard as a surprise...
Looking for the special egg...
 Sorry for the blurry camera phone picture...  Thought this was SUCH a neat idea and a great way to remind them about the real meaning of Easter.

On Saturday, we had a special Easter Bunny brunch at the Children's Museum.  Let's just say that TWO family members in the picture below were excited about meeting the bunny, but two were not...their parents had to hold on to them so they wouldn't run away!  ha!

At home, we dyed a few Easter eggs!  Grady was much more into this than last year!

 Grana made us a bunny cake...  so cute!  And yummy, too!  :)

On Sunday after church, we drove to Yazoo to spend the day!  Mom and Dad's azaleas were beautiful and in full bloom!  We decided to take some family pictures...always a fun experience with three dressed-up little kids who just want to change clothes and get dirty!  ha!  We managed to get a few shots in before they shed the Easter outfits!

 In the probably 50-something pictures Susan, Dad, and I took, there was not ONE of all three of them looking at the camera...  OF COURSE!  ha ha

 After lunch, Grady, Vera, and Will were chomping at the bit to hunt some eggs!  (Well, maybe Will wasn't exactly chomping at the bit...but he was SUCH a great little trooper and just wanted to do whatever his big cousins were doing!)  Grady was "Julie Junior" and was a complete egg swiper!
 Vera held her own, though!  Between her and Will, Gradyman will have some competition next year!  ha

 Playing in the bubble machine V. got from the Easter Bunny...

HAPPY EASTER!  Hope you and your family had a great day celebrating that HE IS RISEN!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Red Letter Day

Today was what my dad says is a "red letter day."  (It means it will go down in history as a fantastic memory!)  Grady had his first ever T-ball game.  (Ok, insert side note here:  If you do not already know what a baseball fanatic I am and always have been, then you may totally be weirded out by how ridiculously ecstatic I was about today's event!  And you may just want to skip over this post...forgive the gushing mom for the large amount of photos that will follow...)  Ok, back to the day:

So I have been waiting for this day for like EVER.  (seriously).  It was supposed to happen last Saturday, but it was rained out.  That was such a great thing because Grady ended up getting sick last Friday afternoon.  My stomach was in absolute knots that my child was going to miss his very first T-ball game because he was sick.  He was upset, too.  When we got the news that the game was cancelled, I think we all breathed a sigh of relief.  And again, whadda you rains this Friday.  But not enough for them to call the games off this week!  YEA!  

So today we played ball!  We pulled out my old baseball CD's from college (yes, Erin, I still have the cd you made me for one of our Hoover trips!!!) and listened to baseball music on our way to the fields (See, I told you I am the biggest goober ever!) 

***Insert another note here...NO, I am not forcing my child to play baseball.  He loves it!  (Thank you, Lord!)  And he liked my music, too.  ha.

Ok, now for some pictures...

warming up before the game...
Look at that arm!  (ha, just kidding!)

Vera sat in her little chair and watched the game so well!  I just KNEW that she would be running around all over the place and I wouldn't get to watch the game...  So surprised to find out that she was into it and pointing at Josh and Grady the whole time.

G-man started the game playing first base (ok, ok, so they don't really have positions, but he made a GREAT first baseman for the first inning!  ha ha!)

 SUPER funny when like 3 or 4 kids ran to the ball and fought over who was going to get it!  ha!

 Daddy giving a little pep talk to Grady and Ethan

 This pic cracks me up...  One little girl had enough and decided to just lay out in the middle of the field and take a rest.  I don't think Josh knew what to do...ha!  Neither did Grady.

 Baby Will at his first game...  He'll be out there on that field pretty soon!  :)
p.s.  Happy Birthday to Aunt SueSue!  SOOO sweet of her to spend part of her day at the ball fields...

 Up to bat...GRADY HAMMER!!!!

 V was a good little cheerleader!

 waiting on third base...

 I think I had more fun than he did!  :)

 Safe to say that Grady had the biggest cheering section of any T-ball player out there today?  ha ha! (ok, ok, was the first game.  I promise I won't take 973 pictures next week.)

And I have to share the videos of G-man at the plate and doing some amazing base running... ha!

So tonight at the dinner table, here was our conversation:

Grady:  Mama, did you have fun at my game?
Me: have NO IDEA!  It made my day.  I will never ever forget today.  I was so proud of you!  To see my you and Daddy out there on the field just made me smile so big!
Grady:  Mama, was that your dream?
Me:  Yeah, Grady...I guess it was one of my dreams.
Grady:  Well then, I guess you better get a new dream.


I asked him like 5 times if he wanted to take off his baseball uniform.  He said no.  He wore it until bath time.  He loves it.  I LOVE IT!  Can't wait til next week!  Can't wait for Dudy Noble in 13 years!  (Hey, Grady said I better get a new dream, didn't he???)