Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas at Grana and Pops' house:

Vera is all about pushing every button on every Hallmark figure that Grana has under her tree.  And ALL at the same time, too!  There is LOTS of noise when Vera is under the tree!

Ha ha ha...  Jenny and Susan, does this look familiar?  
Bring back any memories of 
"The First Noel" by yours truly?  ha ha!

 Christmas at Pete and DeeDee's house:

Watching The Polar Express with Pete...

Think Vera got enough bangle bracelets?

Will is now "in training" for yard work...  ha.

Christmas Eve Night at our house:

Writing letters to Santa...
This year, both kids did their own completely.

"Hmmm...  when Mom's not looking, I am going to snag one of Santa's cookies!"

Christmas Day:

 And this picture pretty much sums it up:
ha ha!

Merry Christmas!

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jenny said...

hahaha... Gradymonster does look a little bit like his mother singing I'll be home for christmas under the den spotlight.