Thursday, December 4, 2014

Winner's Circle Park Grand Lighting

The weather in December has started off unseasonably warm!  We have been enjoying short sleeves!  It's crazy!  We always go to the park to see the lights at Christmastime, but usually in the past, we've had something to do on the night of the Grand Lighting, or either it's been too cold or rainy!  This year, the weather was perfect, so we decided to try it out!

has done MUCH better with Santa this year!  No more fits!

This picture cracks me up...  Vera is still staring at Santa, Grady is posing, all suave and stuff, and Will is NOT happy at all about taking a picture!!  HAAA!

 Pete, DeeDee, and the three wild ones...

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susan said...

So glad my child brought so much Christmas Cheer! ;)