Saturday, December 20, 2014

Grady "Bowling Ball" Hammer

Grady started UPWARD Basketball this year.  Josh is coaching his team.  They both are having a blast!  UPWARD is such a cool program and I love the way everything is organized...from the practices, to the devotions, to the way they rotate the players in and out of the games!  It's been so fun for him already in his first year and I know he'll probably want to do this every year from now on!  

Before the game, Josh calls all of the players names out and they run out on the floor like they do in a pregame of a real basketball game.  He asked them all to come up with nicknames so he could make it fun when they run out.  Grady chose "Grady-the-Bowling-Ball-Hammer" of course, in honor of his favorite MSU football player, Josh Robinson.  ha ha.  

Here are a few pictures from his first two games.  I do not get to take that many great pics as I have a little clown crawling all in my lap during the game...but oh well...  here are a few:

Ha ha ha....the kid that Grady is guarding cracks me up...he looks REAL interested in playing basketball at the moment!  HA!  :)


susan said...

GOOOO Grady! We are so proud of you!!! :)

(My favorite one is of Josh and Grady strategizing in the corner!) :)

Erin Hern said...

LOVE THIS. And he's wearing my number! go #12!!!!

jenny said...

Way to go Grady!!!